Only buy official Synology licenses

Real World Usability of an Official Synology Surveillance Station License:OfficalHack
Only one NAS can have the key installedyesno
It is legalyesno
Lifetime validity, buy it onceyesno
Lifetime support with updatesyesno
Secure Connectionyesno
Cost money, but nothing elseyesno
Get the license within seconds, and get started!yesno

Here is why you should
use a Synology Surveillance Station license hack

Illegal use

Use only legal Synology Surveillance Station licenses. Synology is continuously providing updates to improve the Surveillance Station software. From version 7.1, an online activation is required for adding Surveillance Station camera licenses.

Any shared, hacked, cracked or generated license keys will be spotted as invalid. To prevent software problems, you should only buy your license key from registered Synology partners, like us. The licenses have a lifetime validity and any purchased license can be migrated easily. There are no hidden fees.

Keygen license doesn’t work

Synology does not work with generated keys. A crack does not exist, and if it did, for every update Synology gives to the Surveillance Station software, the system will be checked for a valid license.

So there is no use in trying to trick the app. Synology also makes it possible to remote-lock the keygen in use.

A Synology ip camera license hack is not free of problems

Using a hacked/cracked/generated license or serial, without purchasing one from known vendors, your workspace can become deactivated without notice, when the next update is run.

Buying from respected resellers saves you all the trouble, all the time. The licenses have a lifetime validity and purchased licenses can be migrated.

Get your license now

Get your license now

Get the official Synology Surveillance Station License in your mailbox right now and continue your way to expansion. Spend no time waiting. Use the appropriate Synology Device License for the amount of cameras you want to add.

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